Am I Spoiling my Baby?

“Am I spoiling my baby?” This thought of spoiling is a common worry that new parents share because of the negative behavior associated with the condition. Nobody enjoys the selfish, annoyingly persistent spoiled child. To answer the stated question here, one only needs to look at the baby’s intentions. When an infant just wants to be held or rocked to sleep before putting down, she is crying out to be comforted. She has recently experienced a tremendous upheaval. Prior to being born she was constantly cuddled, cradled, shielded from harsh lights and sounds. Everything in her world was soft and gentle. Can you blame her for wanting your gentle rock within your secure arms? She will grow knowing her needs will be met and this world is a safe and inviting place to explore, develop, and be loved in. She isn’t manipulating her mommy; she is just in need of being nurtured at the core. Later, when she is old enough to realize how to obtain something beyond a true need will mommy have to withhold her desire for instant gratification. No matter how much she cries and begs for a new toy during a shopping trip or for a sweet treat before her meal, she should not be gratified – this is spoiling. Spoiling your child is a negative state of being, meeting her basic need for love is not.     –Joyce Ann Ireland, August 4, 2011.


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