Sewing for Baby



I took a break from making receiving blankets to sew up this pre-printed doll pillow we picked up from the local quilt shop.  I added the two pieces of lace.  The infant top and diaper cover is made from a piece of my Asian fabric collection and scraps for the patterned pieces.  I used packaged binding for the edges but plan to make my own for the next outfit because it is so hard to find a match in colors.  The next one I am currently working on doesn’t have a packaged binding available, so I picked up a small device for making my own binding. 

The last time I heard from the baby’s mother, she is still hard at work deciding on her name.  Seams she has been getting a lot of pressure for using a family name which is pushing her away from using any family name at all. He mother and I have tried to assure her she isn’t the kind of girl who succumbs to pressure and that she should go with what name she wants either way.  Although I didn’t talk about this with Kara, I chose my two babies first names as I wanted but the middle names were family names because I wanted the family name in there – no body pressured me – especially since my family had passed away anyway, I only had Greg’s family who didn’t apply any pressure – so it was good.  Actually Kara is a product of that same process – an original first and a family second.  No matter what name is chosen, she is already loved.  We are so looking forward to meeting her and loving her in person!


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