Third Maternity Scrub and the Gift of Strings

Third maternity scrub top in the mail. DSCN2305scrub3 This is made with the same pattern (Simplicity 3645) as the other two, why mess with a winner.  It fit before. 

DSCN2307scrub3close Also, as with the other two, I used a double ribbon trim. To do this, I sewed the right side of the blue dotted ribbon down close to the edge.  Then, tucking the gray grosgrain ribbon just under the left edge, I sewed through both ribbons.  I made a bow with the blue, like I do for my cards, and stitched it down to the garment.  The ends of the ribbon were zig-zagged to avoid fraying.

Through the generosity of four quilting ladies I know from the HGTV message board I have started a quilt for my great grand daughter.  I had never worked with “string” blocks before so this is a new and delightful adventure for me.  These ladies, whom I will mention in a moment, were part of a swap of string blocks that I had started to join, but backed out because of the tragedy with my Joey.  I was right to back out because I wouldn’t have been able to keep my share of the bargain.  We were to choose what colors we wanted our string blocks to be and I had chosen primary colors with a 2 inch white center strip.  These 4 ladies made 3 blocks each for me!  What a joy it has been to receive these over the course of these last couple of trying months.  Their act of kindness was such a bright spot for me as I continue to get through my grief and I am ever so thankful to them.  I have created 4 more blocks myself, bringing the total to 16.  I am putting a white sashing between each.  I found a sweet baby dragonfly print at work and will use it to make a border which will tie all the brilliant colors together.  I haven’t decided on the binding color yet – thought I’d see what pops out at me once I get more of it together.  I love the idea of bright quilts for children, and it gets cold up there where they are so extra quilts is a good and needful commodity.

These sweet ladies have exceeded my expectations of beautiful blocks!  My heartfelt thanks go out to:

Brandy – aka Brandyquilter

Christine – aka cksvett

Colleen – aka Alexemmarose

Sandie – aka Crazy’boutquilts

You so didn’t have to do this, my sweet friends, but I am grateful for the joy it has brought me, and I know it will please my DGD and eventually her precious baby too.


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