Happy Easter 2011

It’s all about the hallelujah – a celebration of our Risen Lord Jesus!

Growing things sometimes just happens for us.  Like this lily that bloomed Saturday.  Gorgeous isn’t it?  DSCN2270lilywebWe noticed something growing in a pot out front that was basically abandoned.  As it continued, I knew it was to be a lily.  It is probably left over from a lily plant from last year, but I don’t know how it works.  What does one do with the lily pot after the flowers are exhausted for the year?  I’m confident I can Google it, and will because I have two more I brought home today after church.

After an uplifting worship service today, I took food over to Larry’s.  Greg and Donna met DD and I here and followed us over.  I served French onion soup as the first course.  Larry had bought a spiral cut ham from Sam’s Club.  I also added baked potatoes with various toppings and broccoli for the meal with the ham.  D & G supplied the fresh DSCN2272dinner2011brewed tea and lemon pound cake.  After conversation – some stimulating and some just fun – we sat out by the pool.   One of us, won’t mention her by name, but it didn’t start with a K or a J, fought sleep and had to be taken home early.  We decided to meet up later in my stamp room.

I am thankful for friends and family.  I am thankful for the example Jesus gave up to love one another – truly and completely.  The three things the angel at the empty tomb said was to not be afraid, to go and tell others He has risen, and that He will be there with us.  This message I wish to remind all who stop by for a read today.  May all of you have a blessed year, full of inner peace that comes from knowing you are a creature of God who loves us all unconditionally. 

I would love for you to leave your personal message of Easter here if you will!  Thanks for popping in.


One thought on “Happy Easter 2011

  1. How nice to hear of your lovely Easter celebration. The renewal of your Easter Lily speaks much of the renewal of life this time of year. I stuck the remnants of an Easter Lily in my flower bed after it had finished blooming several years ago. it has come up both years and the first bloom of the year was today.

    We had our Easter dinner on Friday evening with 13 family members enjoying turkey, ham and all of the trimmings. I made a peanut butter cake for dessert. Afterward, we all sat out on the patio with the chiminea blazing even though it was a warm breezy night. Life is good!

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