New Life–Preparing for Easter

I’ve missed most of the Wednesday night studies at church for Lent due to my work schedule.  I did get to go last night.  The talk is on the letters to the churches in the Book of Revelations from John, not St. John, not John the Baptist, but a John.  Having only the Wednesdays during Lent, we won’t get very far but the pastor may set up a Study for any of us who are interested  – I’m interested.

So, Lent is the time to prepare ourselves for the celebration of the resurrection of the Son of God. A time of renewal. The emergence of spring. I’ve started to see some dragonflies over the canal and look for any alligators who might have come to spend a while. I can’t help but wish Joey was here to watch with me. I still miss him so much. And I know I always will. I work at remembering that he is free of the pain of life he lived and is now a new being in the Love of God. His spirit is part of us all who knew him and loved him. I give my sorrow and my feelings of loss over to the belief that he is now beyond this life we are tied to here on Earth.

One thought that keeps me going is the new life that grows within my granddaughter. Our baby girl is due the end of July and this is an event we are so looking forward to being a part of. My little granddaughter is in need of maternity clothing, especially scrubs for work. I made her a dress, planning on summer months ahead, and have started sewing a scrub top for her.

Dear daughter and I are busy in the stamp room making Easter cards.DSCN2232easterj I used the sketch challenge from Splitcoast for the layout of this card tonight.


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