MDA Fundraiser

For a chance at some totally beautiful quilts that you just might be lucky enough to snuggle up under, check this out!

Jean is one talented lady who doesn’t know the word quit.  She sure knows the word quilt!  Many people have come together in hopes of raising funds for MDA.  If you, too, want to get in on this fundraiser here is Jean’s email address and she will show you how easy it is. Please mention my name (Joyce1946) when you email her Winking smile

Here is what she has to say.

For every $5 donation, you will receive three chances/tickets to win one (or more) of these quilts.  You do not have to be present to win. Winners will be contacted by e-mail after the drawing on April 29, 2011.  Please make your checks payable to MDA and mail so it arrives by April 23, 2011.  Credit card donations will be accepted through PayPal, but there is a $25 minimum.  You MUST mark it as a Donation Gift and you will be responsible for the fees incurred.  Please contact me for links.

I have been involved with Jean for quite a few years now and the lady is phenomenal with a heart of gold.

No excuses, I know you want your Muscular Dystrophy donation to win one of these treasures – it just might give you a warm feeling all over!  Please let me know when you email her.  And, if possible, pass this on to everyone you know – after all its for a real good cause.  Here is a close up of one of the donated quilts.


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