Big Night at the Stamping Oasis

Once again it was an evening of friends and fabulous stamping art!

Our sweet Miss Ree gave us a succulents garden for our screened room once we get it livable again.



2 thoughts on “Big Night at the Stamping Oasis

  1. Great pictures, Joyce! I get so upset that I ALWAYS get so involved that I forget to take pictures! I hope you enjoyed the evening and “felt the love”!! I enjoyed the evening and I always enjoy the reflection as I clean up and organize. I believe that one of the things I really enjoy is placing things back in place. I guess that is because I love my supplies and the happiness and friendship they bring to me! Lots of love!! Ree

  2. I just took a closer look at your lovely projects. You always add a special “Joyciness” to them! Your candles look really good. (Mine were not able to be as long as yours!) I also love your off-set matting of your greeting! Your layout of the Garden Green card shows thought and very nice attention to detail! I do gush on and get carried away! 🙂 Hugs!

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