Obituary in Print and On-line

It was in Saturday’s local newspaper.  It is posted on the funeral home’s website. I’m wondering how this makes me feel. Somehow is it now official?  Is it now impossible to turn the clock back?  Is it any easier to accept now?  We are still hurting, but getting busy with the tasks of living help me try to focus on the loving memories of my dear Joey.  His father said this morning he still wants us to have an Irish wake.  Although we will not be doing that, the healing purpose of the tradition Irish wake is to remember the good times we spent with Joe – and that is something we can do.  The memorial service will be March 12, 2011 at 2:00 pm. Please pray for us as we attempt to heal and work through our grief.  And pray for all of us as we share our love of our sweet Joey with family and friends.


3 thoughts on “Obituary in Print and On-line

  1. With each difficult step you are working through the grief. Easy words, I know. I pray for strength for you. I wish I had a happy memory of Joey to share with you. I only saw him a few times but he seemed polite and kind.
    I’m glad that you are getting counseling. My heart is with you. Love, Ree

  2. Dear Joyce, Kris and Donna, you most certainly are in my thoughts and prayers as all of you deal and heal and find normalcy to your lives, again. Know the March memorial will help sharing the love for your sweet Joey. From my heart, Claudia

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