Burned out the Screened Room

My DD got up to visit the potty about a quarter to 4 this morning and smelled smoke.  Fortunately.


Apparently the tip of her cigarette fell into the futon out there and smoldered for hours.  The above photo is after the couch, melted fan, table had been pulled outside already.

here is what is left of the couch:

The tall outdoor fan is melted right down.  Everything is melted, including the rubber holding the screens in, the tube lights that were strung along the ceiling, the frame of the windowed door (center of above photo) and the pieces under the outside of the roof! DSCN2074

Oh, and the verticals in the living room on the inside of the house are warped from the heat.

A couple of our neighbors came over this afternoon to help pull everything out and used a presser washer to remove as much off the walls.  Kris got the sliding doors cleaned, but we will have to scrape the stucco off the walls and fix them before we can paint even.  What a mess.  We are fortunate, actually, that this is all the damage that was done. I couldn’t even remember where the electrical panel was when a neighbor asked me – Joey always took care of that kind of information.  I took cards and candy to the hospital today, didn’t make it to Hospice house though.  I want to give them a thank you too.


One thought on “Burned out the Screened Room

  1. I’m so sorry for your having to deal with the mess. We had a smoldering fire at our home when I was in high school. The soot!!! BUT there was no fire and fortunately no one suffered from smoke inhalation. I hope your insurance will help you with this! Hugs, Ree

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