Lack of Oxygen for Too Long

In addition to the physical changes, most importantly my precious Joe will not return in the capacity we would all hope for.  His brain was without oxygen for too long.  More than 4 minutes, much more.  He is now breathing through the trach on his own without the help of the ventilator.  His body is strong and showing signs of healing.  Now is the wait for the brain to heal as much as it can.  He is still mostly sleeping, with the help of meds to reduce the anxiety and reduce his pain.  Monday he will have another go with an “eeg” and CAT scan.

To all who have asked if they can put him on their prayer list I full heartedly shout YES!  And to anyone and everyone who pops in to read this, I ask for your prayers as well.

Here is a photo from the last photo shoot with him.DSCN2020web

He had a loving time with this puppy that was dropped off at our home Saturday.  Always so caring, loving and giving, this horrid depression that plagued him for all his life got the best of him.  Hope is strong in his loving family that his brain will heal to a far greater extent.  I find that I must stay in the moment for the most part but right now I am posting a photo of the past so that I can solicit all your prayers for healing you can send.  His brain has lots of repairing to do and it is in God’s hands for now.


7 thoughts on “Lack of Oxygen for Too Long

  1. Thanks for sharing the photo Joyce and for posting an update. Still praying and thinking of you often. I admire your stamina and your ability to stay “in the moment”. Love you my dear friend.

  2. Joyce, my thoughts & prayers are with you & yours … thankyou for sharing this photo of your handsome son, may he heal & become stronger everyday
    Blessings X:)

  3. Joyce, I will be praying for your son and for you guys! I can’t imagine what you must be going through, but I know someone who does and who listens to our prayers. God Bless my dear sister in Christ! Grammy – CPC

  4. Joyce I cannot imagine what you have been going through, I will continue to pray for you and for your sons recovery, God Bless you my dear and give you strength.

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