First Therapy Card

While waiting for Joe to get out of surgery today, I made this card with new toys from Stampin’ Up! that came in yesterday.  I couldn’t be at the hospital for hours – since 9am – I came home to wait.  The waiting is rough.  I fight to stay in the moment now.  Doing stuff is necessary to keep my mind out of places it shouldn’t go.  I did some straightening up in his bedroom first, washed his sheets and pillow cases, then one load of additional laundry.  He is good about keeping up with his room but I wanted to start getting ready for him.  The surgery went well today, as well as the plan that was followed.  He has his trach and stomach tube.  The surgeon put in a plate and screws, wired some of the teeth that he could save.  He also removed the bullet fragment next to his eye in the bridge of the nose area.  So, this first surgery was mainly a clean up mission and a start of the rebuilding of structure.  His vital signs were solid during this surgery.  After he was back in ICU for a while, he showed signs of distress so they gave him more pain meds to bring him some relief.  He is still being kept sedated because it isn’t good for him to come up right now.  I hope they keep him down and keep the pain meds flowing until his body has a chance to work out this latest assault on his face.  They want to bring him up to see if they can get him to respond to commands like “lift your hand”, “wiggle your foot”.  My thinking is that if he comes up in the mist of such horrendous pain he still isn’t going to want to follow their stupid command.

So after cleaning everything in the kitchen, straightening here and there, laundry, I decided to look in my latest Stampin’ Up! bag and put things away.  I have a fleece boa scarf I made to send to Kara so I felt like I should try to make her a card.  As it turned out, it was good therapy for my mind.  And, with such a sweet card made, I had to share it, right!  I used purely pomegranate and whisper white, plus some SU! dsp.  I also used an embossing plate, various die cuts and punches of course.  All supplies are by Stampin’ Up!

Living in the moment!



One thought on “First Therapy Card

  1. Dear, Sweet Joyce, I am overjoyed to see your post, sad and worrisome as it is. I was hoping that you would find some joy in your hobby at this difficult time. Your card is really stunning!

    I am happy to hear that progress is being made though I know it is going to be very difficult for everyone. I am glad that you got home to take some comfort in the everyday tasks that really become cathartic and help you to find some normalcy.

    I’m thinking of you and praying for you and your family. I was tempted to call you but wasn’t sure if you’d like to be left alone or not.

    Let me know if I can be of help–bring a meal by for now or later–whatever!!

    Lots of love,

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