December starts tomorrow

And that means the beginning of a project I want to accomplish.  It is to be a journal {slash} scrapbook daily leading up to Epiphany.  The idea is to journal in a scrappy sort of format the thoughts, hopes, and plans for having a more meaningful Christmas.  My plan is to make a page a day, or close to it.  In lieu of a purchased album, my idea is to take 8” by 8” pieces of cardboard from cracker or cereal boxes for the foundation.  Each would be covered with paper and whatever.  Once all are finished I will bind them somehow – perhaps with simple holes punched with my Crop-a-dial.  I’ll have to see how the pages add up and decide down the road.

I just read something Jennipher said in a post at CPC about having a dedication or introduction page to clarify the intention of this album.  I hadn’t thought of that.  She is using a “D-ring binder for her album, which is also a good idea as we may not get every page completed in order.  I hope to keep notes during my day as ideas occur, especially necessary if I will not be able to scrap them each day.

My hope is to reclaim the joy and beauty of the Christmas celebration.  Too often preparing for this day leaves us drained and unfulfilled.  If you can join us with a similar project I invite you to stop in with your comments and add your link if you complete a page.  We can all benefit from the joint suggestions and inspiration.

Above all, may this be your best Christmas season yet!

God bless you and keep you creating love for all!


2 thoughts on “December starts tomorrow

  1. I love the idea of your Journal. I thin it’s nice to make the most of this time of year.

    I’ve been having a bit of festive fun suggesting advent calender pics here too

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