Well I’m 64

I was a screaming high school girl when the Beatles came to America in ‘64.  Seemed like fun to visit their song to usher in my birthday.  To any of my visitors old enough to remember the Fab Four I offer this video.


After blowing out 64 little candles I served up portions of lemon meringue pie complete with colorful bits of melted wax.  The kids complained of hairless fingers after taking so long to light them all – lovingly of course.  (I can’t believe they actually lit 64!)

Needless to say I was surprised and happy.  Now I am officially 64!  Thanks to DD, DS and friends.


One thought on “Well I’m 64

  1. Hi, Joyce! Happy Birthday! I just collected everyone’s birthdate but I now realize that you were not at that meeting. Let me know your birthday date so that I can add you to my list!!

    Your pie looks yummy and it probably didn’t have to have the merinque browned in the oven with all of those candles!! LOL (I turned 65 last Tuesday and thankfully there were only 6 candles!!o)

    Hope your birthday was fabulous!! Hugs! Ree

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