Cactus flower bloom

A neighbor was given a starter piece from a cactus that grows in Turkey by her friend.  It took 8 years for it to bloom.  I suspect it was the freeze we Floridians experienced in January, but that’s just my guess.  Since I can’t share any of the scrapbook pages I have been working on diligently lately except for my Scrappin’ Silhouette that was published Thursday, I will share that unusual bloom.





I’m eyeing that last image as a background for something – lol.  Note: the 1st photo is actually the second bloom, where as the other three are photos of the first bloom taken a month earlier.  The owner is pressing them to save.

Since I didn’t post the page I used for my design team publication before, here it is as you will find it on the Scrappin’ Silhouettes site. doctoring-SS11

I seem to be on a “Sage shadow” kick.  This page represents my DGD’s long time interest in healing.  She is in a medical school and works PT at the Plasma Center.  I am so happy she is pursuing her interest.  I pray she will always share her abilities and her gift of healing.


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