Postcard Excitement

Would you like to receive postcards from all over the world?  I do and it is so fun to check the mailbox and find a beauty in there.



left – Peoples Republic of China          right – Taiwan

I’ve just started back up with this and am really excited.  The site is called Postcrossing. It doesn’t cost to join the site.  All the details are there, but basically you have to send out a card and once it is received (somewhere in the world) your address will be presented for someone to send you a card. No one in the USA will have my address, only everywhere else.  Right now I have two cards traveling – one to Singapore and one to the Netherlands.  For us here in the USA it costs 98 cents postage to send a card.  When you get a name, there is a description, along with the address, that the person would like in a postcard from you.  I made a purchase of a couple of postcard books when I started. Picked them up at the book store. Have since seen the products sold else where. Those books are by Dover publishing. However, no certain card is required. You can find postcards from any source you like.  To give you an idea  of the kind of information you have to work from, here is what I said:

“What I would like in cards: I love the poetry of water scenes, also scenes showing cultures, religion. Beauty in art and nature as seen by you – an individual. What is important to you as a resident in your little corner of the world? I am 63, retired telecommunications tech. I love to make cards, scrapbook, sew and occasionally quilt. I love to read and do some creative writing.”

I have received 24 so far and have never been disappointed.  Thought I’d share.


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