The World Would Be a Better Place If…

we would get over our self!

We think the world owes us anything that pops into our mind, no self-denial involved. Why do you think we are in this financial crisis? Americans sit back and blame the ‘government’ for not providing for them, not giving them a break, not making all their credit debts disappear. During the good years of the 80s and 90s we bought our way into slavery to credit card debt and got in over our head with mortgages that were crazy in houses too expensive. We’ve accepted greed as the normal way to live. It’s not just the individual but the greed illness in the brain has run corporations to the government with their hand out for a bail out.

How much can the laws passed by the government help us if we can’t control our desire to have everything now? We all see the ads that tell us we deserve to have it all now, and that mentality is perpetuating a damaging mindset bent toward acquiring beyond our means to pay. Of course, on the other hand, in order to get a ‘sluggish’ economy moving in the right direction, money must flow -the old supply and demand rule. Spending what we don’t have is financial suicide for individuals. Too many Americans, and I suspect this problem is world wide too, can’t provide basic needs for themselves. Their jobs have been downsized but their rent or house payment hasn’t and they can’t move into anything affordable either.

My world would be better if I would adopt the philosophy of spending only what I have, avoiding acquiring what I can do without. Shopping for what is needed and vowing to make adjustments for what can be lived without. This may be called ‘tightening the belt’ and that reminds me that that thought is a really good idea especially if it is taken literally. Americans are too unhealthy and a major reason is we are just plain too fat. Not curbing our appetite financially leads to financial death, and the same can be said for our eating habits and lack of physical activity.

Now, while all this talk about financial and health issues are bringing us down, here is your chance to make the world a better place right where you sit reading this – smile at the next person you see! Seriously, be nice to someone often. We are all struggling together and it can make all the difference to reach out to others with what you have to give – even a kind smile. I offer this image of a beautiful bird to take with you, may you find the beauty in your world and share it.

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