Helping out brand new babies

Look what we found in our yard today!DSCN1083web

These babies were trying to get out of their hole. There was an awful swarm of ants. Some of the turtles were beyond saving, but several seemed like they would have a fighting change. There was even one still in the egg shell. While everyone was standing around and marveling at these little darlings, the one in the shell broke out and wiggled around just fine.

My son took the group down to the canal and watched as some took off right away.  DSCN1093webOthers were a bit reluctant and we aren’t sure if all were going to make it after all.

The nest was a good way from the canal. It’s hard to imagine these little turtles trekking that far. I suspect some critter would have had a snack on them. One of our friends with us for this great find wanted to take one home to her nephew but thought better of it in the end. I think my son taking them to the canal gave them a better chance. One good thing is that the alligators seem to have moved on now that the canal’s water level has dropped.


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