Driving Out the Demons

When I travel too far from the teachings I know to be true and sound, I fall into relying solely on my own devices for figuring out how to run my life. This morning I had one of those moments where I wanted to quit life, give up on trying to make things work right, forget about the people I love and all the trouble it was taking to just survive.

I shouted out, “I want to give up!” I got some horrified looks and I stormed off to my bedroom. I didn’t throw anything, didn’t even slam my door, just slipped away. I knew then I needed to regroup – big time.

The first thought that came to mind was to spend some quality quiet time with my Bible. The answers are there and I had let time spent in study of Scriptures slip far away from my daily existence.  I knew answers could be found if I looked inside that book. So, I propped up my big black pillow that supports my back when I sit up in bed, picked up my dusty study Bible from my bedside, and noticed my notebook there too. This notebook is a help of previous thoughts and ponderings. My eyes fell on Scripture from Mark. Here are my thoughts on Mark 9:14-29.

Jesus disciples were unable to drive out a “demon” because of lack of prayer and their lack of trust in God.

Two points: 1) How can I hope to accomplish my goals and dreams if these men – Jesus’ disciples – couldn’t do the task they attempted? They were actually with Jesus! And their faith and trust lacked?! 2) I didn’t have the so called advantage of being in Jesus’ presence but I have a two thousand year advantage of intellectual exposure to Jesus’ teaching. My life needn’t be cluttered with the day to day burden of survival as those mens lives were. At the most they had three years with him – I’ve had a half century.

Lesson: Get my prayer life back in order and stop doubting what I know to be true about the power Jesus – the Son of God – has and makes available to me today.

Key verse: Mark 9:23 – Jesus said to him, “If you can! Everything is possible to one who has faith.”

As a note to understand, in vs. 22 the father of the afflicted boy said “If you can do anything…”  Jesus came back with “if you can!” to make his point – “If” doesn’t cut it. You have to have full faith.

Get this: EVERYTHING is possible to one who HAS FAITH! No ‘ifs’ but a positive yes it is to be true and for real.

So, have faith. We all can build on our faith. I will pray to build my faith. Taking a time out – preferably often – to read sacred Scripture and pray for understanding and direction – and listening – will renew our frazzled existence.  He promises this. And I know it to be so.


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