Awareness ATC Swap

I went with Teal and Teal and White.  It covers two ribbons.  Cervical and Ovarian cancers.

Here is a photo of the process.ATC2867Awareness

After stamping the white card I felt it needed a little something more so I used light pink embossing powder with the FSJ Damask stamp.  The Spellbinders oval frame was cut and them run through the Journey Grand to emboss every little detail – love it!  The ribbon is white embossing powder over the Blue Lagoon card stock – the smooth side.  The flower is from the Spring Blooms Mini die.

And here it is finished.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else sends me!

Be sure to check out Kristy’s shop for the Fun Stampers Journey supplies I used here and join the swaps on her Kristy’s Bloomin’ Journey Facebook page.

Up for a Crafting Frenzy?

Hello Artist!

Time to heat it up and throw your thinking away.

Thinking gets in the way of doing. Are you thinking yourself out of making something today?

I’ll guess often you look around your crafting supplies and either 1. Feel inspired, or 2. Feel overwhelmed. Art Box1427

You are thinking yourself right out of creating. You think about making something all the time, but how often do you actually create? If you love crafting, but are not making something artful, ask yourself why.

The nature of the human mind is to know much, control much, to first understand all of the how, before proceeding. Too much thinking overrides the naivety of the free mind of exploration, leaving you stuck in first gear with no fuel to further engage.

For example, you have a special event rapidly approaching and you know a hand crafted greeting card would be so much more meaningful. You look around your pretty colors of paper and ribbon thinking about the colors that would be perfect for this special someone. Feeling inspired, you start to pick two colors that “go” together. But then you hesitate. “Would that be too high of a contrast? Are they boring? What if the intended person hates that color?” You end up thinking yourself right out of making a card.

Have you picked up on where I am going yet? I am saying: stop thinking and do something. Thinking has its place, most definitely! But our thinking can stifle our creating art. What you think is just a small piece of the puzzle. Who you are inside is already wonderfully artful.

Let your other senses come into play. When colors and shapes spark a feeling of excitement and joy, go with it first before you think too much. Thinking will come as it is needed for the mechanics of the project.

(Disclaimer: Think safety always! Do not run with sharp objects!)

Here is a challenge for you. Listen to your heart and pick some supplies out of your art stash. Abandon ideas of what you should be working with today. Gather the elements, colors, tools that create even the smallest spark of joy. Bring them into your work space. Begin to see without a plan. Like a young child, allow your imagine to see what could be. What takes shape? Give your mind a chance to see what is happening.  Move a combination of colors and patterns, allowing pieces to catch your eye. The natural design will start to take form as you look, rather than think how it is supposed to be. Now, you have elements that look happy to you and you may apply the task of working up a card, or what you wanted to create. It is an exercise to allow your fun creative side to play first before you think yourself out of making a card in the first place.

The same idea works for scrapbooking and sewing as well. Find your photos from which you want to make a layout, and then allow your eyes and hands to find options for building a page. Feel the elements. Allow your senses to find what feels joyful to you. If you are creating something with fabric as an art piece the field of objects isn’t limited to needle and thread anymore, there is glue too. If you can imagine it, you should give it a try. Give in to your eye for art, rather than thinking it and never starting.

Acquiring wisdom and skill are tricky. You can’t “think” you have wisdom and skill. They are developed over time. These aspects come from doing over and over. You are an artist, whether with paper, fabric or the written word. Get busy and create something from what you feel, block the logical thoughts that may be hindering your spark of creativity.

I ask you to “bookmark” this post and return to share your results – good or bad – so others may benefit from your fight to not let thinking stop you from creating.

Sharing ideas brings valuable insight. We all benefit and learn from what others create. I sincerely hope you will share anything that this post may have sparked.

Glass Slippers Acquired

Oh yeah!  Finally found the “glass slippers” for Tiny Tot.  DSCN1418

On a trip to Michael’s for necessities Laughing out loud, Kris spotted the shoe store in the shopping center.  Might as well give it a shot.  One pair of “glass slippers” aka Jelly Pop.  The only pair. One size too big, but, hey, three year olds grow so quickly.  Finding them was a relief, finding the “princess” shoes was a delightful surprise.

Mommy and daughter were on their way out the door, so I apologize for the pics not being too clear.  And neither of them were in the best of mood today, not wise to push too hard for more photo time.

It’s hard on the mommy trying to juggle college, a demanding job, and a strong little genius.  Her disposition isn’t anything close to positive either, unless you consider getting up in the morning thinking “today is going to positively suck” a positive attitude.  I look at her and think how confused she is and that she has such a long way to go before she can stop “trying” to find happiness and just be happy with what is.  Not that she should accept things as bad, and give up, but to look for the ray of sunshine in the little storms that are bound to be present in everyone’s life.

I have adopted the mantra, or I subscribe to a quote by Gaucho Marks, about choosing to be happy as soon as I wake up in the morning.  My choice.  Hard choice.

Ice Princess Night

The one food with at least some nourishment, or some protein opposed to just sugar and flour, that we can count on for feeding Leia is chicken nuggets.  (I try for the grilled ones when I can.)  So, after a morning of errand running we stopped in at Chick-fil-a before heading home for her nap time.  That led to us returning with her mother that evening for the event.

Fairy Tales 2 Joyce

This coincided with the need to make something with a new Lea France stencil.  Although this themed stencil works for the subject, using the photos I took that night do not look as lovely as I was hoping for.  I’m not sure the distinctive shapes being used for the full photo is the best avenue.  (I did do another page that works a lot better that I will share with you later.)

What are your feelings about this latest phenomenon from Disney?  I am over joyed with it!  I can’t say it relates to anything, nor do I find it a wonderful life statement, and maybe the music, being catching and appealing, isn’t better than any other ‘best’ Disney has produced.  It’s just enjoyable.

It also happens to be the first movie Leia say in a movie theater.  Her mother, father, and I were amazed at how perfectly she sat through the whole thing – she was 2 and a half!  Oh, and she didn’t sleep either.

Back to the night in the restaurant, they had a face painting station, a craft table where the child got to color on and paste on her very own snowman from a paper plate.  Then there were the photo opts with the two characters from the movie, as well as the “Cow Princess” for Chick-fil-a.  How silly, but how fun.

Even though eating out isn’t the healthiest option for our children or ourselves, I can’t help but be happy about what we did.  It was a very fun evening watching Leia enjoy the event.  There will be times together, but we sure need to grab them when we can.  How quickly they grow, and we never can get any of our moments in life back.


The Search for Glass Slippers

So she comes out of her room  ready to go shopping and I have to snap her picture.DSCN1370_edited-1

We promised to take her to Target to look for Princess Glass Slippers.  I was hoping to find a little pair of those Gellys, the soft plastic shoes that I’m not sure is still made.  Clear, of course.  With high hopes we set out on our mission.

The shoe department did have a pair of clear plastic shoes with a Cinderella picture on them.  Stiff plastic that turned out to be too uncomfortable to walk in.  We had wisely let her walk in them a little, that way I didn’t have to spend the 20 dollars to have them sit in the closet or toy box unworn.

In the Dollar Isle we spotted a package of pink heels with a splash of boa feathers on top for $3 and took them home.  Once home I opened the plastic.  Her tiny feet were way too small and it was very difficult for her to walk in them.  Every step she took we were ready to jump up to catch her but she didn’t fall.  She finally decide to move on, thankfully, and play with something else.  After all, the attention span of a three year old will only hold for so long.  It ended up that the mission was totally unsuccessful in regards to finding glass slippers for the princess.  However that doesn’t mean she has forgotten her quest for those glass slippers.

Starting Over

I’ve severely neglected my blog.

My excuse is that life got in the way, but isn’t that why I started blogging in the first place?  Life getting in the way is what living is all about, so therefore not an excuse for not blogging.

Two benefits come from the discipline of blogging regularly.  The first is important and the second is supercilious.  Creating a blog post in the first place takes an effort to HAVE something to post about whether interesting or not.  It requires a deeper thought process or for me it does.  Taking a hard look beyond the surface of what is happening in my regular and uninteresting daily life can be eye opening.  At least for me the writer, not being pretentious enough to think anyone could care about the thoughts of the likes of simple me.  But, I care, I have to care about what I think and who I am.  The other idea behind the blog is to share whatever craft project I’m currently completing.  That notion was to be my motivation to actually keep up with my crafting so I could have something to share.  My crafting has become sporadic however.  I confess that I have still enjoyed the little bit of paper crafting, the scrapbook pages I’ve made especially for Lea France, and the dresses I’ve sewn for my Leia.

So returning to blogging allows me to explore who I am as a person from ideas to creative arts.

Scrapbooking Pool and Playground Time

This first page is of photos from a couple of years ago of Kara taking Leia to Ocean Breeze. Kristy took the photos.Honeycomb 4 Joyce

It is basic in design, a copy of a layout that is currently on the cover of the stencil packaging.  It’s also a quick page thanks to the stencil.  Using these Lea France stencils makes it easy to create visually interesting pages of multiple photos.  I added the bright pops of color to bring out the fun of the photos and clear buttons for embellishments.  Here I have used the Honeycomb Lea France stencil.

My second page is made with photos from January of this year when Leia was here for a month.Magical Sphere 2 Joyce

I love the cool effect of this stencil, Magical Sphere from Lea France.  I used SU’s Rose Red and Pretty in Pink for the solids, the center piece is a scrap of patterned paper from K&Co.  I like that I used the darker shade in the background, seems to make the sphere pop better.  I hand printed the letters and added a tiny SU rhinestone brad.  The layout was drawn by the talented owner of Lea France herself, I just love the exciting look and yet it was quick and easy.  I just needed the 4 photos – two tall and two wide.

Double the Love

My household has doubled in size.  My Tiny Tot and her mother have officially moved in.

A tickle for Tiny Tot on our first night at the hotel on the way to FloridaDSCF2042


The hotel man was so sweet to fix Tiny Tot a baggie of cereal to snack on during the trip.

So after a nice breakfast our caravan was ready for the last leg of the journey home.

My sister Paula generously volunteered the use of her vehicle.  We could not have brought all their belongings down without her.  I have the sweetest and best sister in the world!  And I really enjoyed her companionship during this hectic trip.

The weather paid us a nasty call in the form of heavy rain, hail, and even tornados as we made our exit from Virginia.  We were trapped in a torrential downpour, thunder boomed so closely we feared we would be struck down as we pumped gas so we could take the expressway out of town.  Once we were out of the populated area the rain eased, but we began to notice leaves along the roadside as if a huge mower had come by.  Information came to us at the next stop for fuel – a tornado had touched down in the area while we were had been fueling previously several miles away.  As we made our way to I-95 we saw sporadic damage; trees randomly cracked to the core, utility poles down, and a few remnants of traffic accidents. One particularly memorable one was a semi over the guard rail.  We were so fortunate!

Feeding the Chickens

I decided to use photos from January of Tiny Tot feeding the chickens, something she so delighted in doing, using the challenge from Splitcoast stampers Stash Busters June week 3 elements which are: stencil, paper piercing, 3 button, floss, and something 3-D.CardTricks 2 Joyce

The patterned paper is from Graphic 45 French Country collection.  The solid card stock is Cranberry Crisp from years ago, was an In Color at Stampin’ Up!.

This page was created with the Lea France Card Tricks stencil. Check out Lea France on Pinterest for a chance to win a stencil.

Boogie Board Ride Layout

For this layout of Kara pulling Tiny Tot on a boogie board I used the Lea France Stencil from Lea France. Stained Glass 3 Joyce

The card stock is by Stampin’ Up! The font was cut with the Hello Kitty cartridge with Cricut. The big snowflake was cut with a SU die using silver glitter paper, a added a K&Co brad.  The snowman is a stamp by All Night Media colored with Copics, not well I realize now that Kristy has become so good at coloring.  The little snowflakes were stamped (SU) and punched (SU).  By using the stencil I was able to finish this page in no time and still have an interesting layout.

Do check out the give away Lea France is having.

Your chance to win awaits!  Check it out on Pinterest. Look through my blog to see more of the layouts I’ve done, then visit Pinterest and become inspired to scrap with these stencils too.